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Appointed Personnel are specialist recruiters into the commercial sector across the professional sectors in the UK. The consultants are here to understand your current skill set, aspirations and seek to partner you with our clients ensuring you have a friendly professional representative to support you through the full interview process from start to finish. Our services include: -

  • Advice on creating a CV that will increase your chances of securing an interview
  • Pre-interview support and competency interview coaching sessions
  • Advice on interview conduct
  • Interview technique coaching
Our services to you are free, please see our candidate registration form (below). To sign up to the agency  for permanent and temporary work please call 07884 298 960 or email your CV to


How to Stand Out....


Ever wanted to be THAT person that seems to always get the job , THAT person who gets approached at the train station with the free cups of coffee at 7am, THAT person who meets their interviewer and immediately connects before getting in the lift?! Me too.....

With a collective of 10 years working within the recruitment industry the best bit of advice I have given to all of my interviewees is - DON'T FORGET TO BE HUMAN!  You’re not dealing with an interview computer software that is 100% unbiased, you’re dealing with a HUMAN BEING who is basing 99% of their decision to hire you on how they FEEL about you. So how?...........

1) Build a rapport: when you look at a picture of someone close to you you get a warm fuzzy feeling, no need to get fuzzy at the meeting but connecting with someone through warm greetings, a smile, a handshake a simple 'how are you today?' goes a long way. Talk about their day, comment on their office surroundings, accept the cup of tea, accept the gesture

2) Be Human: Robots don't get jobs at the end of the day, humans do.  People are individual, be yourself, smile, be open about your experiences, relate them to examples that outline your skills relative to the job, treat the interviewer individually, you have approximately 60 seconds to make the first impression, don't waste it creating an impression that relates more to a text book.

3) Step into an Employer's Shoes: (not literally, even if you like them) the fact is there’s more competition for jobs than ever, and showing some personality and being yourself will instantly make you stand out, and leave an instant memorable impression in any interviewer’s mind. Ask yourself, what would you want to hear, see, feel?  What would constitute a memorable experience for you? Why would you employ YOU?  Answer your questions and believe the interviewer wants nothing less than you.

4) EAT & DRINK: Its a fact that up to 60% of us feel nerves before an interview, eat something, relax with a coffee in a near-by coffee shop with your favorite snack, post on your social media, watch the world, try not to over prepare yourself, please see point 2 as a reference point.....

5) Your Mobile: turn it off, not on vibrate, OFF, only refer to your gadgets, including your tamagotchi, if asked to for information. Please use the quality of face time with a person to create your lasting impression.


Competency Questions

What are competency based interviews? Competency based interviews work on the principle that past behaviour is the best indicator of future performance. Key competencies regularly sought after by employers include:

  • adaptability
  • communication
  • decisiveness
  • independence
  • flexibility
  • leadership
  • problem solving
  • organisation
  • teamwork
Expect questions to be asked starting with 'Tell us about a time when.....', 'Describe how you....', 'please give an example of when....'

But how do you answer them?? Be a S.T.A.R. Outline your unique Situation, Task, Actions you took and the Resolution. The most important bit to remember is that if you have not practiced the skill asked of you during your experience, be honest. Then take a shot at explaining to them how you would incorporate that skill into your skill-set and how you would deal with the situation presented to you in a hypothetical way. This will show your willing to 'adapt', ability to 'think on your feet' and display your 'integrity'. I think we have demonstrated 3 additional skills without being prompted.....

Please feel free to download the below document for further information about the S.T.A.R technique. Please contact your consultant for some advice about the type of interview conducted by the client to allow them to support your preparation.

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